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Quick summary

Type of medicine




Active Ingredient

Promethazine hydrochloride

Effective within

Varies based on condition and dosage

Works by

relieve various allergy symptoms such as itching, runny nose, sneezing, and hives, as well as to manage nausea and vomiting.

Side effects

Dry mouth, drowsiness, blurred vision, dizziness, allergic reactions, liver problems, irregular heartbeat

Medication details


Phenergan 25mg tablets are a medicine that can help you feel better when you are experiencing unpleasant symptoms caused by different conditions. They contain an active ingredient called promethazine, which blocks the effects of a substance called histamine in your body. Histamine is what causes allergies and other symptoms like sneezing and itching.

These tablets can be used to treat allergies, hay fever, motion sickness, nausea and vomiting, and even insomnia. They work by calming your body and reducing the uncomfortable symptoms you are experiencing.

Phenergan 25mg tablets are a reliable and effective medicine that can help you feel better when you are experiencing symptoms caused by different conditions.


Phenergan Tablets are meant for oral consumption, as advised by your healthcare provider. The dosage hinges on the condition at hand and the patient's age. Stick to the prescribed dose and duration—no overstepping. Children and adults dance to different dosage tunes depending on the situation, so careful adherence to guidelines is crucial.


Phenergan 25mg Tablet is a pharmaceutical formulation that features the active ingredient promethazine hydrochloride at a strength of 25mg. This established ingredient lies at the heart of this medication's efficacy, serving as a cornerstone in addressing various medical conditions. Additionally, Phenergan 25mg Tablet may contain a selection of inactive ingredients, including lactose, maize starch, and povidone, which contribute to the tablet's stability, disintegration, and overall composition.
Active Ingredient:
Promethazine Hydrochloride (25mg)
Mechanism of Action:
Promethazine hydrochloride, a phenothiazine derivative, exerts its effects through various mechanisms, including histamine H1 receptor antagonism, sedative properties, and antiemetic activity. This multifaceted approach makes it valuable for managing conditions such as allergies, motion sickness, and nausea.
Additional Components:
Inactive ingredients are thoughtfully incorporated to optimize the tablet's characteristics. Lactose, maize starch, and povidone, among others, contribute to the tablet's structural integrity, ease of swallowing, and bioavailability. These inert elements are meticulously chosen to ensure compatibility with the active ingredient and promote the tablet's therapeutic efficacy.

Side Effects

Side effects are part and parcel of medication, albeit not for everyone. Dry mouth, drowsiness, and blurred vision are among the common companions. More serious side effects encompass allergic reactions, liver concerns, and irregular heartbeat. If unusual symptoms rear their heads, seeking medical attention is paramount.


Phenergan 25mg Tablet, while effective in addressing specific medical conditions, requires careful consideration and adherence to essential warnings and precautions to ensure safe and optimal usage. Before initiating treatment, it is crucial to be aware of the following points:
Central Nervous System Depression: Phenergan 25mg Tablet may cause central nervous system depression, leading to drowsiness, sedation, and impaired alertness. Caution is advised when operating machinery, driving, or engaging in tasks requiring mental alertness, especially during the initial stages of treatment.
Respiratory Depression: This medication can potentially depress the respiratory system, particularly in patients with respiratory disorders. Use with caution in individuals with conditions like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Pediatric Use: Special care should be taken when using Phenergan 25mg Tablet in children, as they may be more susceptible to the sedative effects. Consult a healthcare professional for appropriate dosing and usage guidelines.
Geriatric Use: Elderly patients are more prone to experiencing adverse effects, such as dizziness or urinary retention. A healthcare provider should carefully assess the benefit-risk ratio before prescribing Phenergan 25mg Tablet to older individuals.
Contraindications: Phenergan 25mg Tablet is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to promethazine or other phenothiazines. It should also be avoided in comatose states, patients at risk of respiratory depression, and those with certain conditions like narrow-angle glaucoma.
Alcohol and Other CNS Depressants: Simultaneous use of alcohol or other central nervous system (CNS) depressants, such as sedatives or tranquilizers, may potentiate the sedative effects of Phenergan 25mg Tablet. Avoid or use with caution, and consult a healthcare professional.
Hypotension: Phenergan 25mg Tablet may cause orthostatic hypotension, leading to dizziness or fainting upon standing. Patients should rise slowly from a sitting or lying position to minimize this risk.
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Use of Phenergan 25mg Tablet during pregnancy and breastfeeding should be carefully considered, and the potential risks should be weighed against the benefits. Consult a healthcare provider before using this medication in these situations.
Severe Tissue Injury: Intravenous injection of Phenergan has been associated with severe tissue injury, including gangrene. Injections should be administered with caution and in accordance with established guidelines.

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  • This page was medically reviewed by Dr Sohaib Imtiaz, Clinical Lead on Aug 24, 2023, 3:30 pm

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Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Who should avoid taking Phenergan Tablets?

Phenergan Tablets should not be taken by individuals under the age of 5. Those who are allergic to promethazine hydrochloride or any components listed in the product information should also avoid its use. If you are currently taking or have recently stopped a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) medication for depression within the last 14 days, Phenergan Tablets should not be used.

What precautions should I be aware of before taking Phenergan Tablets?

t's important to discuss with your healthcare provider if you have conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, heart issues, irregular heartbeat, liver or kidney problems, stomach blockage, or other medical concerns. Phenergan Tablets can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so sun protection is recommended. Certain medications, including antidepressants and anticholinergic medicines, can interact with Phenergan Tablets, so be sure to inform your healthcare provider about all medications you are taking.

How should I store and dispose of Phenergan Tablets?

Store Phenergan Tablets below 30°C, protected from direct sunlight, and out of reach of children. Do not use Phenergan Tablets after the expiry date. If you have unused or expired tablets, consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist for proper disposal instructions.

Can I take Phenergan Tablets if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, it's important to consult your healthcare provider before taking Phenergan Tablets. Phenergan Tablets should not be taken 2 weeks before birth, and they should not be used while breastfeeding due to potential harm to the baby.

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