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Delivering Personalised Healthcare

We are committed to the future of healthcare, which we see as a blend of precision medicine and cutting-edge digital technologies. Our mission is to harness these advancements to enhance the health and well-being of our patients, ensuring that each individual receives care tailored to their unique genetic makeup and health needs.

The team

Saad Rudda

Clinical Pharmacist

GPHC Number: 2085892

Ashis Tandukar

Superintendent Pharmacist

Gphc number: 2084170

Dr Sohaib Imtiaz

Clinical Lead

GMC number: 7563446

Nimesh Vensia

Independent Prescriber

Gphc number: 2086824

Abdullah Sabyah

Chairman & CEO

WDA(h) Responsible Person

Mr Anas Abuyazid

Non Executive Director

Corporate Governance

Prof Sir John Cunningham

Non Executive Director

Science Advisor & NED

Our story


The Foundation

The journey of Rightangled began with a personal health crisis that struck close to home for co-founder Floriane. A family member, prescribed Plavix (Clopidogrel) for post-stroke recovery, faced severe side effects like gum bleeding and bruising. These complications, coupled with the medication's apparent ineffectiveness, starkly highlighted the necessity for a more personalised approach to treatment. Motivated by this experience, Floriane & Abdullah set out to change how medical treatments are prescribed.

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NHS Funding

With Abdullah's knowledge about genetics and it's influence on the way people respond to drugs, he and Flo set out to make genetic information more accessible. This led to the development of a new service that integrates genetic insights into medical practice. The project later received the approval and funding from NHS England, through one of it's innovation adoption arms (the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network). What started as a push to improve healthcare for a family member has turned into the Rightangled's goal to shake up the traditional healthcare system.

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Innovation and Expansion

Over the next 4 years, Rightangled focused on developing innovative home testing technologies that could inform more accurate and individualised treatment plans. The company grew rapidly, establishing itself as a leader in home-based healthcare solutions, expanding their services to cater to a broader range of medical conditions and patient needs.


A New Chapter

In 2023, Rightangled entered a transformative phase, becoming part of the Sibie Group. This new alliance enabled Rightangled to partner with Wegoss Online Pharmacy, one of Sibie’s subsidiary companies. Together, they began to dispense prescriptions directly to patients, streamlining the process from genetic testing to treatment delivery. This partnership marked a significant milestone, enhancing the integration of personalised medicine into everyday healthcare.

Our Partners

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