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Cholesterol Test

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Why take a Blood test?

In 1628, English Physician William Harvey unveiled the mechanism of blood circulation within the body. Years later, in 1665, the first recorded blood transfusion further underscored the critical role of blood in human health. Advancing to the 1940s, British Immunologist Dr. Robin Coombs developed the inaugural blood test to diagnose certain types of anemia and enhance the safety of blood transfusions. Today, blood testing has evolved into various forms, serving diverse purposes. At Rightangled, we utilize cutting-edge finger-prick blood testing technology to minimize discomfort while ensuring exceptional accuracy. Our tests range from simple hormone screenings to the most comprehensive "Blood 360" analysis, which provides a detailed look at your hormonal balance, kidney and liver health, fertility, diabetes risk, and more. It's never too early to prevent future health issues—start with a screening today.

See how it's done


How it's done

Order your kit, submit your sample, and access results in 2-5 days online.

How to collect your sample

Blood tests FAQs

What does the Blood test kit contain?

Each kit includes an instruction manual, blood collection tubes, and a pre-paid shipping label for sending your sample to our lab. After our specialists review your results, you can access your reports through your personal online portal.

How do I register my kit?

Register your kit by entering the unique alphanumerical ID found on the back of the box and your Patient Record Card at

How can I enhance my blood flow for more effective sample collection?

Soak your hand in a warm bowl of water for 2 to 3 minutes. Pro tip: Stand up and keep your hands below your heart level to boost blood flow.

How do we safeguard your information?

We prioritise data protection and customer privacy, ensuring that your information is never sold or shared with any profit-seeking third-party organisation. For key points from our privacy policy, please visit our Data Protection & Privacy policy.