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Quick summary

Type of medicine

Lipase Inhibitor



Active Ingredient


Effective within

Within the first few weeks with a reduced calorie diet.

Works by

Reducing fat uptake in the digestive tract.

Side effects

Oily spotting, oily stools, flatulence, frequent bowel movements and stomach discomfort.

Medication details


Alli, a weight reduction aid in the form of a 60mg tablet, contains the active ingredient Orlistat. This weight-loss medication has been clinically shown to be effective in helping you achieve your weight-loss goals. It works by limiting the amount of fat absorbed from your food intake by reducing the absorption of fat in the intestine by 25%. Alli is classified as a lipase inhibitor, a category of medicine. However, it is only appropriate for adults aged 18 and over with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 28 or higher.


To use Alli, adults 18 and over should take one capsule three times daily with water just before, during, or up to one hour after each meal. Ensure meals are balanced, reduced-calorie, and lower-fat. Do not exceed three capsules daily, and skip the dose if a meal is missed or contains no fat. Incorporate lower-fat meals to minimize diet-related side effects and engage in physical activity before and while taking Alli for optimal results.


The effectiveness of Alli 60mg capsules is primarily due to Orlistat, a powerful lipase inhibitor that aids in weight loss by blocking the absorption of fats from the diet. Orlistat prevents fats from being broken down in the digestive tract, thus significantly lowering calorie absorption and supporting a holistic approach to weight management.

Side Effects

While Alli 60mg boasts overwhelmingly positive effects, it's prudent to be aware of potential side effects. Temporary occurrences of gastrointestinal symptoms, such as oily stools and increased frequency of bowel movements, may arise. Rest assured, these effects are generally transient and tend to diminish as your body adapts to the medication. Open communication with your healthcare provider is crucial should you experience any unexpected or severe reactions.


Alli comes with several warnings and precautions, including not taking it if you are allergic to orlistat or any of its ingredients, are pregnant or breastfeeding, are taking certain medications like ciclosporin or warfarin, have cholestasis or chronic malabsorption syndrome. Additionally, it advises caution for those with diabetes, kidney disease, or taking other medications that might interact with Alli. Children and adolescents under 18 should not take it, and it's important to consult a healthcare professional before starting Alli if you have any of these conditions or are taking these medications.

Medically reviewed and published

  • This page was medically reviewed by Dr Sohaib Imtiaz, Clinical Lead on Apr 18, 2024, 3:30 pm

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Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

How quickly can I expect to see results with Alli?

While individual results may vary, Alli can help you lose additional weight more than dieting alone. You might start seeing results within the first few weeks, but it's essential to maintain a reduced-calorie, lower-fat diet and exercise regularly for optimal outcomes.

Can I take Alli for a long period?

Alli should not be taken for more than six months. If you do not see any weight loss after taking it for 12 weeks, consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Does Alli require a prescription?

No, Alli is available over-the-counter, meaning you can purchase it without a prescription. However, it's recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new weight loss regimen.

Can I take Alli with other medications?

Alli can interact with certain medications, potentially affecting their efficacy or increasing side effects. It's crucial to consult a healthcare provider before taking Alli if you're on medications, especially those for diabetes, thyroid disorders, or blood thinners like warfarin.

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