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Now is the time to offer personalised services to your patients, helping them be more certain with DNA testing, optimise their treatment outcomes through genetic screening and have a tailored health, diet and wellness regimen prepared and shared through our platform.

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How we can help

  • Health & Fitness checks

    Offer our DNA tests as part of your health screening packages and other in-house travel services (Fit to Travel & Test to Release).

  • Improve quality

    Improve quality of life by giving patients the information they need to help manage their condition whether it’s through avoiding a particular drug, taking the right medication, or making a dietary change.

  • Contribute to MURs

    Medicine Use Reviews (MURs) aim to improve individuals' adherence and experience of using their medication, maximise the benefits and have an in-depth understanding of how the patient is metabolising the drug.

  • Patient satisfaction

    Positive customer experience is an important goal in its own right. Have a different level of conversation with your patients and increase their satisfaction and loyalty by offering them a truly personalised experience for health, diet and fitness.

  • Specialised Service

    All our reports are reviewed by a Healthcare Professional putting into context the patient's health, lifestyle and genetic profiles, before the final reports are signed off.

  • A point of difference

    Pharmacogenomics is the future of disease management and drug prescription. By offering Drug response DNA testing to your patients, you will be offering a safer and faster route to optimal treatment.

  • Prevent

    Determine if individuals would benefit from an early intervention through their DNA profile and help them choose the right medication in order to avoid side effects.

  • Maximise nutritional and fitness potential

    Help your customers understand how to lose weight, choose the best diet, manage food intolerance and exercise responses to allow them achieve their maximal health and fitness potential.


dna testing review rightangled
dna testing review rightangled
dna testing review rightangled
dna testing review rightangled

Good service through local pharmacy.

Glenda Waddell (GB)

The test kit that I picked up from my local pharmacy was very easy to use and register. The results came back in 24 hours.

Michael Levine (GB)

Excellent service, got test kits from one of thepharmacyin Reading where I leave. Instructions were clear.

Tm Anderson (GB)

this was arranged through my local chemist. A worry free efficient service

Kathy (GB)

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Questions? We've got answers.

What comes with the purchase of the DNA test kits?

We provide you with the substantial marketing collateral (info pack, brochures, poster, electronic marketing, Point Of Sale Stand), so you are able to communicate the value of DNA testing to your customers.

I feel like I don’t know enough about how DNA testing works to inform my customers.

We can provide you with white papers and literature if you would like more understanding of the science behind our tests.

Will I need to interpret my customers results?

No, we will assign a Health Care Professional to the patient and they will give their assessment in a way that is easy to understand. All the information explaining the reports are found online in our portal, with links and references for further information if they want to know more. Furthermore, the patient has the option of booking a follow up appointment online with our partnered HCP if they have any questions related to their report.

How will stocking this kit benefit my pharmacy?

A Pharmacy is an ever changing landscape. There is now more emphasis on providing services rather than purely dispensing prescriptions. Part of this reason is the decreasing margin to be made in dispensaries. Stocking our kit provides you with an attractive margin in the current climate and enables you to have a deeper level of conversation with your patients, increasing patient satisfaction and loyalty. Research by Price Waterhouse Cooper reveals that an increasing number of consumers are willing to pay for aspects of their treatment such as diagnostic and basic tests and interventions if they get value for money alongside convenience and access. Additionally, pharmacogenomics is the future of medication management and prescribing, and by offering this you will give your pharmacy a competitive edge and a point of difference, as well as be a frontier with this technology.

How does this fit into the services I provide in my pharmacy?

Heart DNA test can be offered as a part of health checks, Medication Usage Reviews or other in-house screening services. Our Heart DNA test can be useful for people with cardiovascular conditions that are unsure about their medication. Or people who have family history of cardiovascular diseases.

Fitness DNA can be sold as an adjunct to weight loss services you may provide or as a part of a health check. It will be interesting for people who are looking to improve their fitness and diet. And for anyone who wants to know about foods they're intolerant to and which exercises work best for them.

Our Wellness Pro test combines both these tests.

What are the storage conditions and shelf life of the DNA tests?

Our kits are compact (15.7cm x 12cm x 2.2 cm) and can be stored in a dry space at room temperature. They have a long shelf life of 3 years.

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